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General aspects and steps for the creation of an online store in HidsApp.

Required info

Compendium of the necessary information for the configuration and start-up of online stores in HidsApp.

Subdomain settings

Configuration of domain or subdomain of the store in HidsApp, printing of QR code.

Location settings

Process for the creation and editing of premises, including their address parameters, telephone numbers, WhatsApp, delivery, distribution and time availability.

Category settings

Configuration of product groups or categories, their classification, discounts, order and notes.

Adding products

Configuration and addition of products to the catalog or inventory, their details, specifications, prices, varieties, formats, images, and locations.

Store customization

Customization and configuration of the store, cover, product list, colors, logos, SEO, payment methods.

Employees handling

Management of employee access accounts, user assignment, password and access locations.